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With Football Camps opening up all over the country I am going to examine some burning questions as it pertains to some of the states notable teams; Indiana, Purdue and Notre Dame.

Indiana Hoosiers: IU is coming off one of the worst seasons in recent memory and if things don’t turn around sooner rather then later for Kevin Wilson he’ll be shown the door quicker then you can say Antwan Randle-El. The quarterback position appears to be settled with Sophomore Tre Roberson who over took over mid way through last year and sprinted away with the job. That being said the Hoosiers did bring in a couple JUCO signal callers and if Roberson regreses don’t be shocked if Cameron Coffman gets a shot, CC can sling the rock and in fact can probably make more throws then Roberson. In the offense that the Hoosiers will run if Roberson can’t throw it consistently he could lose his job to Coffman and be turned into a Tim Tebow type. Not what Wilson or Hoosier fans should want out of Tre. The wide receiver spot is in good hands with juniors Kofi Hughes and Jamonne Chester. However Hughes was recently suspended for unspecified breaking of team rules. He’ll most likely sit out the opener against my Indiana State Sycamores. But once Hughes is back the passing game should be fine but the O-line is always a question in B-Town will need tweaking. The Hoosiers do return 3 starters up front and have some talented new comers who could step in and help right away. If they can open some holes for Stephan Houston at RB then Roberson’s job becomes that much easier. Only time will tell for the Hoosiers on the Offensive side.

The defense which as long as I can remember has been a problem will continue to be that this upcoming year. Yes they’ve added some JUCO D-lineman as a stop gap, but until the Hoosiers can get some big, strong, and talented DE’s and DT’s the Hoosiers will continue to get dominated up front. The linebackers mostly don’t have chances to roam freely cause the blockers are on them with little resistance. If that changes the Hoosier back 7 can roam and fly around to make tackles and plays. Again, only time will tell in B-Town.

Schedule Predictions: Home Team in Bold

9/1 Indiana State- IU 34-ISU 31 Double OT (win)

9/8  @Umass- IU 42- Umass 17 (win)

9/15 Ball State- IU 28-BSU 13 (win)

9/29 @Northwestern- IU 33- NW 36 OT (loss)

10/6 Michigan State- IU 17- MSU 31 (loss)

10/13 Ohio State- IU 24- OSU 42 (loss)

10/20 @ Navy- IU 27- Navy 31 (loss)

10/27 @ Illinois- IU 28- Illinois 31 OT (loss)

11/3 Iowa- IU 27- Iowa 28 (loss)

11/10 Wisconsin-IU 24- Wisc 63 (loss)

11/17 @Penn State- IU 23-PSU 28 (loss)

11/24 @Purdue- IU 30- Purdue 33 (loss)

Season 3-9 No bowl game for the Hoosiers


Purdue Boilermakers: The Boilers are coming off a year that left them scratching their heads more often then not. The “Cradle of Quarterbacks” shouldn’t mean that Danny Hope should play 3 at a time. I think he wishes he could, I mean you allow Robert “un Marvelous” Marve come back for a 6th year and he has done nothing in his time in Black and Gold to warrant that. Caleb TerBush is solid and has made far more great plays then Marve but that’s not saying a whole lot. Then comes Rob Henry and to me Henry is the guy I’d be hitching my wagon to. He is coming off an ACL injury and missed last season but I think his upside and skill set is far better then either of Danny Hope(less)’ other options under center.  In the backfield the Boilers have seniors Ralph Bolden and Akeem Shavers and if both are healthy and good to go the Boilers could expect 1200+ yards out of that combo.  The wide-outs are good, but not great. They just don’t have a go to guy who can be counted on to throw to when its 3rd and 8 with 1:30 to go. Only time will tell if they can find one.

On Defense the boilers can have a great D but as quickly as they could be great they can be below average. I don’t know many of the guys on the 2 deep depth chart right now and as camp opens for the Boilers I feel that the Black and Gold will be average to above average on that side of the ball. The Boilers will be good enough to hang in most games, pull a upset or 2 and go back to a bowl game.

Schedule Predictions: Home Team in Bold

9/1 Eastern Kentucky- PU 45- EKU 17 (win)

9/8 @Notre Dame- PU 20- ND 33 (loss)

9/15 Eastern Michigan- PU 29- EMU 20 (win)

9/29 Marshall- PU 35- MU 27 (win)

10/6 Michigan- PU 20- Mich 38  (loss)

10/13 Wisconsin- PU 28- Wisc 38 (loss)

10/20 @Ohio State- PU 23- OSU 30 (loss)

10/27 @Minnesota- PU 30- Minn 28 (win)

11/3 Penn State- PU 21- PSU 20 (win)

11/10 @Iowa- PU 24- Iowa 27 OT (loss)

11/17 @Illinois- PU 28- Illini 24 (win)

11/24 Indiana- PU 33-IU 30 (win)

Season 7-5 with a trip to the Little Caesars Bowl


Notre Dame Fighting Irish: The most burning questions coming into camp are whose starting at QB, whose replacing Michael Floyd at WR, and is this the year when Kelly gets the Irish to a BCS game?

The Irish offense is going to be pretty good again this year with returning studs Cierre Wood RB, Tyler Eifert TE, an experienced studly O-line, and rising studs at skill positions like John Goodman, Roby Toma, Alex Welch, and Davaris Daniels. That being said who is going to be under center when they open up in Dublin, Ireland at 9am September 1st? With the recent suspension of Tommy Rees for the opener you can finally throw his rubber hose of an arm out of the conversation. Its a 3 man race with Everett Golson, Andrew Hendrix and Gunner Kiel. As camp started yesterday in South Bend Golson got the 1st team snaps as he graded out as the top QB after the spring game in April. That being said Hendrix and Kiel are going to get a lot of reps and chances. I’ll say Golson is going to be the starter and Hendrix the backup and both will play this year.  Rees is done and will be wearing a red play callers hat and then transfer somewhere after the season. That leaves Kiel and I will say if Golson and Hendrix falter this season Kiel will get the reigns after the Oklahoma game, mark my words.

The Defense is also pretty studly and has a lot of talented pieces returning. I think this will be the best group Kelly has had since coming to ND. I think the secondary will be challenged early and often. Bennett Jackson and Lo Wood figure to start at CB and Jamoris Slaughter and Zeke Motta will get the job of starting at safety. I think the back 4 are as athletic as any group I’ve seen in recent years at ND. If these guys can tackle, cover, and run with some of the nations best wide-outs week in and week out ND can surprise and make it to a much needed BCS game.

For the Irish to make these BCS dreams a reality they have to do one thing better then last year: DON’T TURN IT OVER!!!!!!!!!

Schedule Predictions: Home Team in Bold

9/1 @Navy- ND 38- Navy 20 (win)

9/8 Purdue- ND 33- PU 20 (win)

9/15 @Mich St- ND 23- MSU20 OT (win)

9/22 Michigan- ND 41- Mich 38 Double OT (win)

10/6 Miami- ND 33- The U 28 (win)

10/13 Stanford- ND 28-Stanford 24 (win)

10/20 BYU- ND 42- BYU 28 (win)

10/27 @Oklahoma- ND 31- Oklahoma 34 (loss)

11/3 Pitt- ND 27- PItt 21 (win)

11/10 @Boston College- ND 35-BC 14 (win)

11/17 Wake Forest- ND 38- Wake 20 (win)

11/24 @USC- ND 28- USC 38 (loss)

Season Results 10-2 BCS Bound


Couple videos to get you ready for the upcoming season



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