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Rise and Fire

Summer Camp Time for Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are reporting for camp that officially starts today.  No, Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney are not checking in to Camp Anawanna to bunk with Eddie “Donkeylips” C. Gelfen nor is Andrew Luck hanging out with your kid at YMCA day camp.  This is the actual start of training camp.  It doesn’t feel like football season should be here yet but it is.  So as all the players file into Anderson, here are a few things I am looking for during the preseason.

First, is the new #1 pick Andrew Luck himself.  As everyone had anticipated since late September of last year (as you could tell from all the Colts Luck jerseys being worn to games last October), Luck was drafted by the Colts with the first pick in the draft.  Luck will be stepping into the shoes left by the legendary Peyton Manning.  It will be interesting to see how Luck performs early and how quickly he shows improvement.  Quarterbacks the past few years have had success in their rookie season throughout the league.  Luck will be under much scrutiny as he slides in under center replacing Manning and as the first overall pick.  He has been touted for having all the tools needed to be a successful player in this league.  Luck’s early season performance will be a key for this team.

The next thing I will be keeping tabs on is the defense.  Coach Chuck Pagano is implementing his 3-4 defense that he used in Baltimore.  This calls for some players to learn new positions and bringing in some new personnel on that side of the ball.  It will be interesting to see how Mathis and Freeney adapt to playing an outside linebacker position.  I expect both will be utilized more similarly to James Harrison (Pittsburgh) or Terrell Suggs (Baltimore) as predominately pass rushers.  They will still be coming after the quarterback off the end, but doing so from a standing position rather than having a hand in the dirt.

The linebacking corps along with the defensive backfield will also be some units to keep track of.  Will Pat Angerer be able to play as well as he did last season in this new system?  I think he will still be a solid player, but moving to the inside will be a learning process for him early in the year.  The defensive backs were a weak spot last year for the Horseshoes.  Antoine Bethea has proven he is a high level safety, but he did not have a lot of support last year both from injuries and lack of talent.  Adding Tom Zbikowski at the other safety spot and getting Jerraud Powers healthy will help improve the backfield.  The new defensive scheme that will include more blitzing should allow some big plays to be made by both the linebackers and defensive backs.

The last thing I will hope to get a feel and sense of is the overall vibe of the team.  This may be hard to gauge in training camp or the pre-season, but this will go along way to the team winning some games this season.  With all of the new players and coaches joining the organization, training camp will be key to bond everyone together.  The other thing that will help that is winning some games early because as we all know winning cures all.

This is a brand new team for the fans of Indy to get to know.  Lots of changes and lots of new faces around the organization, including my man Matt Taylor in radio communications.  Newness can sometimes revive organizations and fan bases and we will wait to see how all of this shakes out this season for the Colts.

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Inside the Man Room

This week’s “Inside the Man Room” we welcome back the Coach- Chris Kosiak.  We discuss the start of football season as the Colts start training camp on Saturday.  The difference between Colts fans and Pacers fans comes up.  We spend a few moments on the Penn State situation, but then wrap up the show on a positive note by honoring Mason Plummer and his Shelby County Player of the Week honor!

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Rise and Fire

The next part in my off season series of interviews with college basketball coaches is with Indiana State’s Greg Lansing.  Coach Lansing gives us a look at what the Sycamores have been doing this summer.  We discuss the health of Jake Odum and look ahead a bit to the upcoming season.

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The Flying V

Grading the Pacers Off-Season Moves

Sorry folks for my prolonged absence, but I’ve been swamped with summer hoops and getting our kids ready for the season to come. That being said I’m back in action and talking about the Pacers and the off season to this point.

First off I’d like to thank Larry “The Legend” for his years of great service to the Pacers. His getting the franchise back to where it belongs after years of “thug ball” thanks to Artest or Metta World Peace, Jamal Tinsley, and company.

Now to the task at hand, what in the hell are the Pacers doing? I just don’t get the decisions Indy has made so far. I like Roy Hibbert and appreciate his skill set but he’s not worth a max deal from the Pacers. I guess the blue and gold thought they had to match the Blazers offer sheet because Roy is a member of the young core. However if I’m going to give a player a max deal especially at the 5 spot he better dominate on both ends of the floor and he certainly better command an automatic double team on offense. Hibbert doesn’t fit either of these criteria! He’s 7’2-7’3 and his stat line this season was solid at 12.8 points, 8.8 boards, and 2 blocks.  But I’m sorry that isn’t a stat line of a guy I’m going to give 60 million dollars to!

Then to the more curious moves to date: The signing today of Gerald Green is a bit confusing and DUMB to be frank. He is coming off his only good year in the NBA. Let me say it again, HIS ONLY GOOD YEAR IN THE NBA! So instead of going after OJ Mayo or Indianapolis native Courtney Lee they sign Gerald Green. Hell half the people who follow the NBA had to GOOGLE Mr. Green today when the signing was announced! Green is more athletic then anyone left on the Pacer bench but his overall game doesn’t appear to be a great fit in Naptown. Only time will tell how it works out.

Also today the Pacers signed DJ Augustine to be George Hill’s backup at the point guard spot. I am on the fence on this move. It could be a great move or it could blow up in our face! I think maybe playing with some good players will allow for DJ to finally reach the potential many set out for him upon arrival in the Association in 2008. I hope this works out because I really felt Collison was a perfect #2 PG in this league and showed that in the Miami series last year.

Speaking of Collison he was traded to Dallas along with Dahntay Jones to Dallas for backup Center Ian Mahinmi. I’m not going to lie to you I also had to GOOGLE this guy when I heard about the trade. The man the Pacers have inked to a 4 year 16 million dollar deal has a lifetime PPG (points per game) of 4.4 and RPG (rebounds per game) of 3.1. Yes I know sounds like a franchise changer to me too! I’m really hoping the Pacers brass know what they’re doing in inking this guy and trading away Collison and Jones. Both played vital roles in last season’s resurgence.

I almost forgot to rewind to Draft Night in NYC when the Pacers sent in the pick and the commish said: “With the 26th pick the Indiana Pacers select Miles Plumlee from Duke University”. My initial thought was OMG what did we do???? I mean I like a bruising post player as much as the next former blue collar high school player. But what are we doing????? To quote the great Cris Carter of ESPN “COME ON MAN!!!!!!”  Are we that desperate to try and replace Jeff Foster that we draft a guy that most Draft boards didn’t even have him being picked at ALL. So in what universe is it cool to draft a post player who couldn’t start on a Duke team that lacked toughness? How can the Pacers front office and coaches think this was a good move? This is a crazy move and especially with Perry Jones sitting there with all sorts of athletic ability and potential to be a stud in this league! I just hate this draft pick, hate it!

The only Pacers off-season move I like is bringing back George Hill for 40 million bucks. He grabbed the starting job and wouldn’t allow Collison to have to back. He’s from Indy, loves the Pacers, is a great player who only seems to get better year in year out. A great move from the Indy front office.

So to recap the off-season in Naptown for the Pacers I will give you a quick grade for each move.

Bringing back Roy Hibbert: C-

Bringing back George Hill A

Addition of Gerald Green C-

Addition of DJ Augustine C

Sign and trade for Ian Mahinmi D-

Drafting of Miles Plumlee F…..F……F

Total Off-season grade for the Pacers: D

I really hope I’m wrong about these moves but they smell like Terre Haute when the wind is blowing down wind off the paper mill!!!

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Inside the Man Room

This week in the Man Room I am joined by a very special guest and my good friend Jon Pratt.  JP and I talk about all the moves the Pacers have made and what they will look to do next.  JP gives his take on the end of the IU-UK series as UK announced its non-conference schedule this week.  Then we roll through the rapid fire session with several different topics.

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Note: This podcast was recorded on Wednesday 7/11/12, the day before the Pacers signed D.J. Augustine and Gerald Green.

Rise and Fire

As part of our summer series of catching up with college basketball coaches around the state, I speak with Evansville Head Coach Marty Simmons.  Coach Simmons talks about the workouts his Purple Aces have been doing, the beginning of the July recruiting period, and how the new Ford Center and practice facility helps UE with recruits.

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Rise and Fire

Part two of my interview with Bob Lovell goes over Butler’s move to the Atlantic 10 conference.  We take a look at this from two different viewpoints- Butler and the Horizon League.  How much does this help Butler?  How much does this hurt the Horizon League and where do they go from here?  Listen to the interview and let me know your thoughts on Twitter @thadvandeventer and @IndySportsCrew.  Also check out this post after the official announcement was made.

Rise and Fire

Here is the first of a two part interview with Bob Lovell, the host of Indiana Sports Talk radio show.  With the announcement coming from the IHSAA a few weeks ago that the state tournament classes will be on a new two year performance-based cycle now, Coach Lovell and I discuss the changes.  We look at how this move came about as well as some of the big changes and challenges that could follow.  Listen in and let me know what you think by tweeting me @thadvandeventer or @IndySportsCrew.

Inside the Man Room

Finally, I am back in the Man Room and talking some sports.  I discuss all the latest happenings with the Indiana Pacers from the front office changes, the draft, and free agency.  Plus some rapid fire topics and our Celebrity Gossip and Pop Culture Correspondent Jessica Vandeventer stops in at the end of the show.

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Rise and Fire

Pacers Draft Thoughts

I have had a few days to soak in what the Indiana Pacers did on Thursday night in the NBA draft and I have come to a few conclusions.  First lets look at what Indiana did.  They drafted Miles Plumlee, a center from Duke, with the 26th pick in the first round and made a trade to pick up Orlando Johnson in the second round for cash considerations.  Johnson is a shooting guard that comes from UC-Santa Barbara.

The pick of Plumlee makes some sense as a backup center was an area the Pacers were looking to fill.  There was a lot of negative reaction that came from the fans after the selection as some thought Perry Jones III or Draymond Green would be much more of an impact player.  The Plumlee pick makes it clear that the Pacers feel they can make a run with the core of players they have.  Although Larry Bird is stepping down, you can tell that the new (in some cases new and old) front office members like the progress that Bird made and want to keep it intact.

The next thing the first round pick tells me is that the Pacers will be bringing Roy Hibbert back.  I fully expect a few teams to offer Big Roy a max contract but as a restricted free agent the Pacers will match any offer that is put out there.  Hibbert is part of that core the blue and gold have and is the backbone to their tough defense.  Plumlee will only be asked to spell Hibbert and while out there play tough defense and rebound.  Plumlee is a little underrated as far as his athleticism goes and hopefully will be able to give the Pacers some quality minutes off the bench.

Trading and picking of Orlando Johnson is an attempt by Indiana to try and fill the expected departure of Leandro Barbosa.  Johnson is a big two-guard and showed in college his ability to score.  He had a very good career at UCSB and averaged 19.7 ppg his senior season.  Larry Bird said after the pick of Johnson that he liked the way he “attacks all the time”.

The pick of Johnson is a pretty good indicator that Barbosa is out and the Pacers will be looking for some bench scoring to fill that role.  It also may open up the possibility of Indiana going after the veteran Brandon Roy as he tries to make a comeback.  Roy had a great start to his career in Portland but announced his retirement due to chronic knee problems.  Now on the comeback trail, Indiana could be a landing spot for him as the Pacers need to add some scoring off the bench and Roy could be joining a team ready to contend in the Eastern conference the next few years.

Overall, I do not think either pick should come as a big surprise.  Both guys fit the mold of what Larry Bird typically likes which are four year college players who he feels are ready to contribute right away.  It also shows that the front office shuffling is not a major factor yet as the team is looking to mature and try to take down the defending champion Miami Heat.

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