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Welcome to Indy Sports Crew

Hello and welcome all to Indy Sports Crew.  This site is geared up and ready to give you all things Indiana sports.  The Crew is made up of five individuals who want to share their views and takes on everything that is going on with sports here in the Crossroads of America.  We will be delivering blogs, columns, podcasts, and videos to give you the coverage you want.  The Crew will focus on everything from the Colts, Pacers, IU, Notre Dame and the Izod IndyCar Series.  We will even have takes on Indiana State, Butler, Ball State, and Purdue.

Indy Sports Crew is a place where you can come to get different opinions on the teams you love.  All of the members of the Crew are very knowledgeable about Indiana sports because we are all from Indiana.  We have grown up with these teams just as you have.  The Crew just wants to add our voice into the public forum for people to enjoy.  We also want your feedback.  Please feel free to email, Facebook, or Tweet us about anything that is on your mind.  Thank you all for your visit and we hope that you enjoy Indy Sports Crew.